Shah Rukh Khan invades Devi Mandir!

DM Youth’s second movie night was an amazing success. Thank you to all who attended from the DM Youth organizing team. It was great to give the users of the forum a chance to meet each other and for everyone to just kick back and watch a movie. The weather outside was a little warmer for our second movie night and Aishwaria Rai, the world?s ?most beautiful woman? heated up the screen during the previews by way of her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Once the feature presentation of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai started, the intimate theatre-like atmosphere made for an enjoyable experience. We are sure that everyone enjoyed themselves and we are looking forward to bring you another movie night possibly later on in the summer months. If you have any suggestions for a movie please feel free to let us know. Thank you once again for making movie night part 2 something special!!


A Good Movie for a Good Cause

The cold December night did little to keep Bollywood fans away from Pickering’s Devi Mandir on Friday, December 17. Those who attended were hosted by DM Youth and treated to a feature presentation of Aamir Kahn’s hit film Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India. On this night, instead of the usual approximately $20 one would spend for a night at the movies, admission was only a donation to the DM Youth food drive which was in co-operation with Toronto’s Daily Bread Food Bank. The auditorium of the Mandir made for a warm and intimate setting where patrons both young and old laughed, cried and cheered together. The best part of movie night was the tremendous support shown for the food drive.

In just 3 weeks a modest goal of 500 pounds of food which they set for this their first attempt, was surpassed as the devotees of the Devi Mandir donated over 625 pounds.

DM Youth is dedicated to creating a social network among Hindu youth all across the GTA. If you are between the ages of 16 to 30 and would like information on how to get involved in DM Youth, you can visit their website at Once there you can sign up for their mailing list, take part in the online discussion forums, and find out about future events sponsored by DM Youth.

Just some of the over 600 pounds of food donated by members of the Pickering Devi Mandir to the DM Youth holiday food drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank of Toronto.

Just some of the over 600 pounds of food donated by members of the Pickering Devi Mandir to the DM Youth holiday food drive for the Daily Bread Food Bank of Toronto.

Official Launch of DM Youth!

launch_eventsIn April of 2004 an assemblage of young Canadians came together, all set with a common goal to see the successful rise of a group that will unite Hindu youth and strengthen the Hindu community in Canada. From then to now, patience and perseverance has lead to the creation of DM Youth. Saturday September 11, 2004 marked the Official Launch of DM Youth, a new community based youth group located in Pickering, Ontario Canada..

The evening started off with a full course meal that lead staright into the entertainment began featuring a dance to the song “Ishq Kamina” by three girls of the Devi Mandir, Parbati Ram, Naema Parsan and Anita Binda. From the moment the song began, the energy level of the packed auditorium increased exponentially. The tone was set for an evening of fun and excitement.

Following the dance featured a short presentation detailing the goals and aims of DM Youth and expectations for the future. Tassa then took to the stage featuring the Lion Sound Tassa Crew who stole the show with their heart pumping rhythms. The second dance featured Artee Narine, Samantha Rampersad and Kavita Narine who whipped the crowd into a frenzied state with an upbeat dance medley.

The evening ended with the floor being handed over to deUnstoppable DJ Navi who ensured everyone enjoyed the rest of the evening.

A special thanks to all the Youth for coming out and making the entire evening a complete success. DM Youth is here for you and its success in uniting Hindu Youth depends on your full support. Make sure to check our website regularly to find out when the next DM Youth event is taking place!. DM Youth is your Hindu Youth Network!!