DM Youth Celebrates 3rd Anniversary and announces winners of 2 scholarships!

15anzsa3Memorable nights often don’t start out as much; nothing more than a rumble in the dark. All that was present was a rumble, a stir, when people began to trickle into Swagat banquet hall on the September 15th. That stir grew to a tumult with the kick off of DM Youth’s 3rd anniversary!

The newly renovated Swagat Banquet Hall was nearly packed, its sumptuous chandeliers glistening in the tense room, the annual speeches were yet to be made. The announcements usually accompany the anniversary feast, but this year there were a few unexpected ones, as well as one which was long anticipated. Just over 3 years ago, when DM Youth was just a dream, there was another dream with it; the desire to make a scholarship for young Hindus who are leaders in their communities and leaders in life. On Saturday, September 15th, that dream was realised with the awarding of not one but two “DM Youth – Leaders in the Community Scholarships” in the amounts of $1000 and $500 to two deserving young men.  (more…)

Desi Explosion heats up the night!

5kxr9djcThe lights were dimmed, the stage set, but nothing could prepare the waiting audience for what they were about to witness. On June 2nd, 2007, the Devi Mandir auditorium played host to an explosion: Desi Explosion.

The first ever talent show put on by DM Youth, Desi Explosion went off with a bang! Many talents were showcased at Desi Explosion, from the conventional to the less ordinary, and of course the extraordinary! “It encouraged many young children to display their talent,” Anita Binda, performer and long time supporter of DM Youth relates, “while keeping our culture alive”. In addition to song and dance pieces, there was a recorder solo, and a group martial arts demonstration which was expertly timed to music, and a comedic sketch that was beyond comparison.


Movie night brings an end to the 2006 Food Drive

al0r0bwdIt’s a bird…It’s a plane…no!  It’s Krrish!

Krrish (2006) was the movie chosen for DM Youth’s movie night in aid of this year’s Food Drive.  I’m sure that all of those who showed up had a good laugh or two with Hrithik Roshan’s stunts and Priyanka Chopra’s “role.”

Sadly this year we did not reach our goal of 1000 lbs but weighed in at 700 lbs, a little short of our target. To everyone who opened their hearts, our utmost gratitude as your donations will go a long way in ensuring that families have enough food to see them through this holiday season. Next year we hope that we can reach our goal of 1000 lbs of food.

Cosmic Bowling…BIGGER and BETTER every year!!

Enter the disco ball! Er… the bowling ball! Um…. the hair ball!? All in all, bowling was a ball! With lights flashing, hair getting caught on bowling balls *Amba!!!* And strikes being tossed in amongst the gutter balls, a good time was had by all. Over 50 people in all came out to the event, and there wasn’t a face in the crowd without a smile. The balls were indeed heavy, and yes! Many a thumb got wedged in at the last second, but you could still hear more cries of glee and giddy happiness than moaning or groaning. Although the “official” winner of the curry chicken-chicken curry debate has not been crowned yet, a few people enjoyed “turkey” that night. Thanks to all who came out, and hears to an even bigger group next year!
Written by amby_ramby

Bowling was FUN!! We started off outside with the wind and eventually moved inside. We were all paired up with people we knew and people we didn’t to get a sort of mix, meet new people and stuff. We were on teams supposedly fighting for the title of “Chicken Curry VS Curry Chicken”! We are not sure who won but we bowled all night long … well to 9:30pm. Well we had the big bowling balls I didn’t think I could manage it, so I started off small but by the second game I felt big with all the balls I got in the gutter and the 1 and 2 pins I hit down I felt I was ready, I GOT A STRIKE!! My first one out of the whole night unfortunately my last. They Bowl-a-Rama had some very good fries which took long to make but at least we knew they were fresh, after bowling we “chilled” for a bit and we went our ways some people went home and some went for a night on the town…well just pizza but you know what I mean. We ate and left and MOST of us came to temple the next day. Bottom line is bowling was fun!!
– Written by Mahesh

This years cosmic bowling event was the first one I attended and I was very impressed. I got there late and saw a great turnout of about 60 people. It was nice hanging out with people I know and meeting new people as well. I give Shawn full praise for his dedication to the group and being able to organize such events. However I do not give him praise for making me the main picture on the site, haha. Cant wait for the next event :).
Written by monkeyboy

It was DM Youth’s 3rd Annual Bowling event on November 11th and what better way to spend a chilly Saturday evening than to go bowling with close friends.  The night was filled with tons of laughter along with funny dances celebrating the many strikes that people thought I would never score. Towards the end of the evening, I lost my voice from all the screaming and enjoyed the Pizza afterward. Overall, I think that the event was the most successful bowling night that DM Youth had and look forward to attending many more!
Written by Ano

The DM Youth Bowling Night was a tremendous success.  It was a wonderful experience for those who attended and the interaction among everyone was amazing.  Every year this event seems to draw larger numbers of people which only adds to the success of DM Youth.  Whether playing the game or having fun with friends, Bowling Night has proven to be a mainstay event we all look forward to every year.
Written by RisheB 

DM Youth celebrates 2nd year Anniversary!!

ylr6a1ndThe night of September 16 sparkled with anticipation as the 2nd year anniversary of the DM Youth Hindu youth group got underway. The MC of the evening Angeli Sookar was periodically relieved by the night’s exhilarating dancers, who really got some pulses racing as they made the dance floor look all the more tempting. Thanks go out to the skilled performers Stacy and Stephanie Jagroop, Saleena Naraine, Jessica Motellal and lastly Parbati Ram for their spirited contributions. (more…)

Day in the sun at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland !!

tek6hf2o– Sharmilla Singh –
“Canada’s Wonderland was a perfect trip on a perfect day…the weather couldn’t have been better and the group that showed up was AMAZING! I’m surprised that most of us managed to stick together the whole time, but we did! It was funny when “some of us” lost their voices on the rides from screaming, not to mention those with the short, timed, synchronized screams oh did we LAUGH! The little Asian boy who was using his toy cell phone (I hope it was a toy) and pretending to take pictures of us was SO adorable! Our restaurant lunch was fun, especially when we saw one bunch burning up with the hot peppers on their pizza! By the end of the day I don’t think anyone was really tired, we were all probably more wound up than anything else! Good times with DMY! ”


– Stephanie Jagroop –
“WOW! Wonderland has got to be the greatest trip I ever went on. At first I had jitters in my stomach considering I never been on a roller coasters or big rides before, but BOY did that all change after the first ride I went on. I went on every ride that we came across! I never thought I would be able to take all of it but whatever challenge came up to me I welcomed it with opened arms. (more…)

Enjoyable times at the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization


After service at the Devi Mandir, approximately 40 DM Youth supporters gathered into the big, yellow school bus as we were greeted by our pleasant bus driver. As we all found our seats, Rajin did a great job as our temporary field trip supervisor giving out some serious instructions. He asked us to make sure that we all kept our heads, hands and feet (yes feet for Ravi s sake) out of the windows and not to fool around with the fire exit !! (more…)

Great people, great fun at DM Youth Cosmic Bowling 2005

On Saturday, November 12 2005, DM Youth hosted its 2nd annual Cosmic Bowling Event. Thanks to all that turned out this year, it was a blast!! We got things started with some initial hesitation over shoe sizes, and mutual questioning of the durability of jeans in a bowling situation. Bowlers old and new, feeble and fabled, tried and tired had fun with the friendly and up-beat atmosphere. Everyone was encouraged to the very last, gutter balls and all.

The fear of numbingly heavy bowling balls was remedied when, much to the relief of many, the lighter balls were brought out. Although, it is my belief they were neon pink, orange and yellow to label the players…

All in all, this was a greatly successful event. If you missed out this year, don?t let it happen again! Hope to see you there next year! Keep working on that bowling arm!


DM Youth Movie Nite!! Featuring:The Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama

948w9mcaA very special thanks to all those who attended. Young and old alike enjoyed this one of a kind feature film!!

The Ramayana is comprised of about 24,000 Slokas (verses) in Sanskrit and is one of the two great epics of ancient India – the other being Mahabharata. The story of Ramayana was orally handed down from one generation to the other and, it is said that, the poet Valmiki gave it its present shape around 200 A.D.

The Ramayan has been picturised a number of times in India. Universal themes such as love, friendship, family ties, selfless devotion, war and peace, which ‘Ramayana’ is replete with have inspired film makers time and again. However, since war scenes around which the story of ‘Ramayana’ revolves are full of fantasy, it might be difficult to do justice to them with the usual filming techniques. Thus, there is no other medium but animation for depicting the divine powers of the hero Rama and the devilish powers of his arch rival Ravana, the life and death battle between Lakshmana and Indrajit in the sky and the antics of Hanuman – the other hero of this story – who can fly like Superman in the sky and change the size of his body at will.

DM Youth Family Day at the Zoo!!

Zoo day qm3513riwas a blasttttt !!!!!!!!

That heat was a killer but it certainly didnt stop many of us from trooping on and seeing almost everything the Zoo has to offer. From the monkeys, to the lions to the giraffes, a wonderful time was had by all!

It was an excellentl way to get to know so many different people, both old and young. For those who were not able to attend, next year will be even better. It is safe to say that the first trip to the zoo helped strengthen the ties between many of us at the Mandir.

If you think you missed out, not to worry. Come visit the temple, and we’ll make sure you feel right at home!