How is Hinduism relevant in today’s society? An Essay by Ravin Dyal

Below is the essay from the 2013 DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship winner – Ravin Dyal

ravin_profileThe 21st century is an era of great technological and scientific development throughout the entire world. In North American society people’s lives are consumed with going to work, paying bills, going to school, and trying to have moments of relaxation. With such busy schedules many do not devote any time to religion. When looking at Satya Sanatan Dharma, or Hinduism, some people, especially youth, find having time for it challenging because the importance of this dharma is questioned. With a belief system that has been established for thousands of years, with no date of origin, and no single creator, the question arises, how can such beliefs still be relevant to modern society? Through breaking down Hinduism to some of its basic beliefs, analyzing few of its scientific applications, and understanding the identity it gives to all Hindus, the reasons for how Hinduism is relevant to our lives can be determined. (more…)

Congratulations to Ravin Dyal!

Congratulations to Ravin Dyal on winning the DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship for 2013.  The announcement was made at Desi Explosions 2K13 on Saturday November 30, 2013. Ravin is a dynamic and dedicated volunteer at the Devi Mandir and this scholarship could not have gone to a more deserving individual.


Desi Explosion 2K13 – An explosive evening filled with youth talent!

On November 30th, 2013 DM Youth hosted its annual talent show, Desi Explosions 2K13.  It was an evening filled with dances, entertainment and wonderful singing all done by youths of the Mandir and the surrounding community.  With your generous support DM Youth was able to raise $1400 to support our charitable initiatives such as sponsoring a child in India as well as funding the DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship.  To all the performers, keep up the great work. To the teachers who dedicate your time an energy into teaching, thank you for everything that you do.  To all the youth volunteers, all of you made the program run smoothly, efficiently and on time. To the parents, thank you for helping in the kitchen to prepare food and refreshments for everyone. Thank you and we hope to have your participation and support next year for Desi Explosions 2K14!

Desi Explosion 2013 Flyer copy

Congratulations to Ravin and Reshme Dyal on winning the Sanatan Dharma Scholarships

Congratulations to Ravin and Reshme Dyal on winning the Sanatana Dharma Scholarships (Canada) awarded over the weekend at the Hindu Mandir Executive Conference (HMEC) held in Mississauga. Ravin and Reshme are both youth that attend Devi Mandir (Pickering) and are active particpants in DM Youth activities.  Our congratulations are also extended to Akriti Pandey for also being another winner of the Sanatan Dharma Scholarships (Canada)

Ravin & Reshme Dyal accepting their awards for the Sanatan Dharma Scholarships. (Left to Right, Akriti Pandey, Reshme Dyal, Ravin Dyal)

Ravin & Reshme Dyal accepting their awards for the Sanatan Dharma Scholarships. (Left to Right, Akriti Pandey, Reshme Dyal, Ravin Dyal)

Sports Day – Sunday July 28th, 2013 @ 2pm

dmyouth-sportsday (more…)

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DM Youth is re-energizing,  re-vitalizing and revamping everything!  The first step is the website and we hope everyone likes the new design.

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DM Youth Celebrates 4 years of excellence!!

yrfqzfeyThe Queen room of Swagat Banquet Hall swelled with excitement one Friday night when DM Youth took over. On September 19th, from 7:30pm onwards, the hall steadily filled until nearly every table had a ready crowd, waiting for the night to begin. A few inaugural remarks by the MCs for the evening, Misters Ravi Gurdial and Rajin Ramkisoon, were followed by an endearing dance performance by the young and talented Sarah Yellapah. The young dancer is a returning performer from DM Youth’s Desi Explosion 2K9 this past May. (more…)

Talent Returns for Desi Explosion 2008


On Saturday May 17, 2008, DM Youth held its second annual talent show: Desi Explosion 2008. The event, having been hailed as a great success in 2007, was much anticipated and did not disappoint.

The audience was awed as a multitude of young performers each took the stage, showcasing a diverse range of talents. Performances included a semiclassical sitar/vocal/tabla medley, a dynamic fusion of martial arts and music, as well as a variety of captivating dances and vocal pieces. A number of performers and talents such as the highly-acclaimed comedic antics of Rajin Ramkissoon, returned with new acts for this year’s show.

The event was a major success, and this year it served a two-fold purpose. Unifying the Hindu youth community has always been a goal of DM Youth. With the success of yet another Desi Explosion event, this goal was one step closer to being realized. In addition, part of the proceeds from the show went to the charitable organization Plan Canada. On behalf of the DM Youth, Plan Canada will sponsor a needy child in India.

Workshop Series kicks off to a great start


DM Youth held its very first workshop on March 30, 2008 after temple service at the Devi Mandir. There were close to 50 people in attendance, with an age range that one would say was highly diverse. Anil Persaud, from The Surya Academy ( was our guest speaker for the afternoon, as he focused on Hinduism in relation to the nature of the Self. Questions such as, “Who Am I?” and “What is a Hindu?” opened the floor for personal opinions and general discussion. Selected quotations from the Bhagvad Gita were used to provide answers to some questions while also teaching us how we can change our own lives based on the choices we make.

Cosmic Bowling–4 years and running!!

fj7aabveOn Saturday, November 24th, DM Youth held its 4th annual Cosmic Bowling event! The flyer said 6:30pm so all were ready and rearing to go by 7 o’clock sharp! Cosmic Bowling always has an incredible turn out, and this year was no exception. A total of 9 lanes were filled by DM Youth, with a mixture of first timers, parents staying for a few frames, and some seasoned 2, 3, or 4 year veterans too. Frame after frame, excitement filled the air with screams over close calls with the gutter, the odd stuck ball or, for the loudest scream of all, a strike!

More than one voice was gone by the end of the night, because DM Youth is no stranger to high scores. Scores that night were into the high 200’s, with a perfect game of bowling being 300. Even if the scores weren’t perfect, the feeling was; Cosmic Bowling was the first DM Youth event ever, and it’s clear why it has stuck for so long. For some good clean fun with good people, and a chance to meet new people and make friends with people you might not even know you know, Cosmic Bowling is your best bet. Don’t miss out next year when DM Youth goes for year number 5!