Scholarship Application

 Leaders in the Community Scholarship

The DM Youth organizing committee yearly awards the “DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship” to a deserving individual within the GTA Hindu community. This scholarship will be a $1000 grant which will be given for the purposes of post secondary education.

DM Youth was founded on the basis of creating unity within the Hindu community in the GTA and Canada. The group is committed to this founding principal and awarding this scholarship is a way for DM Youth to give back to the community which has instilled the values of faith, unity and education in its organizers as well as being a means to promote and foster the talent and skills of young Hindus. As young Hindus, we the organizers of DM Youth realize the unique challenges that our peers face and we believe that this scholarship is only the first of many initiatives that DM Youth will undertake in order to realize our vision of creating a social network for young Hindu professionals which all Hindus will be proud of and willing join.


Scholarship applications will be accepted from Southern Ontario students who are starting their first year of public post-secondary education in Canada (college or University) in September 2015

The Scholarship

Scholarship will be in the amount of $1000 to be used to cover educational expenses incurred by recipient. Criteria for this scholarship are as follows.

  • Applicant must obtain entry to an accredited post secondary institution within the province of Ontario.
  • Applicant must be visibly active both within DM Youth/Devi Mandir and the GTA Hindu community at large.
  • Applicant must have at least a B average when application is submitted.
  • Applicant must have graduated High School in 2014
  • Scholarship funds must be used within one school year from the time of receipt.
  • Recipient must remain an active member of the DM Youth/Devi Mandir community within a minimum of 2 years after using the entire amount of the scholarship.

How To Apply

  • Complete Application Form
  • Obtain most- recent official transcript of Grade 12
  • Obtain one (1) reference letter from a teacher
  • Provide a Resume
  • Complete the essay (750 words)

Download the 2015 DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship Form

Deadline for applying: September 18, 2015.  The winner of the 2015 scholarhsip will be announced at the DM Youth 11th Anniversary Celebration on October 2, 2015.