About Us

about-dmyouthLiving in Canada, today’s youth look upon religion as a means to set themselves apart from everyone else. A survey conducted by HindustanTimes.com found that as many as 68 percent of today’s youth believe in a higher power, 43 percent visit the temple everyday and around 60 percent admit going to the temple gives them mental satisfaction.

Attending Mandir on a regular basis is not a habit that is established over night. Moreover, maintaining a youth presence in a Mandir is a challenge faced by all Canadian Hindu temples.

DM Youth was created with this vision in mind. In order to provide today’s youth with the proper tools to face adversity, the first step is to establish a community in which they feel a part of. It is the aim of DM Youth to unite Hindu youth and create an environmentthat is conducive to forming long lasting relationships.

If long lasting relationships can be formed, the Mandir then becomes more than a place of worship. It is transformed into a nurturing environment where Hindu youth can come and meet people with similar interests and values. Through friendships, the desire to attend Mandir is increased. This in turn leads to a greater appreciation for the way of life handed down from our ancestors and eventually leads to the desire of wanting to learn more of the traditions that make Hinduism one of the most unique religions in the world.

What is DM Youth?

DM Youth is a new and exciting community based youth group geared towards indviduals between the ages of 16-30. Our mission is to unite Hindu Youth and create an environment that is conducive to forming long lasting relationships. The “DM” in DM Youth stands for the Devi Mandir, a Hindu Mandir located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada where DM Youth is based.

What does DM Youth do?

DM Youth organizes social events for Hindu Youth to come out and meet one another. Being a community based youth group, DM Youth also participates in organizing charitable activties and fundraisers that help enrich the community at large

How do I get involved with DM Youth?

Everyone is a member of DM Youth! Attend our events and encourage your friends to come out and be part of something new and exciting!!? Sign up for an account on our website, join our Facebook group and attend any of our events!


Our vision is of a vibrant community of Hindu Youth


Our mission is to unite the Hindu Youth of the Devi Mandir and create an environment that is conducive to forming long lasting relationships. Together we can inspire our youth to get involved in the community at large and show that we have an identity as young Hindus living in Canada.


  • To provide the Hindu Youth an outlet that they can turn to when faced with adversities
  • To ensure that today’s youth are capable of becoming the leaders of tomorrow
  • To provide a social network that breaks down communication barriers
  • To develop the notion of what it means to be a Hindu through activities in the Mandir
  • To bring unity among our youth through social activities and functions outside the Mandir