DM Youth Celebrates 11 years and awards two scholarships to deserving Hindu youth

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It was a special night for two youth of the Devi Mandir on Friday October 2, 2015. Natasha Seeram and Genevieve John were recipients of the DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship program for 2015.

Chad Shew, one of the organizing members of DM Youth made the presentations to the deserving recipients at the DM Youth’s Annual Anniversary Dinner and Dance.  In his speech, Chad touched upon the purpose of the scholarships and the accomplishments DM Youth has made in it’s 11 years of operation. “This scholarship is a means of promoting and fostering the skills and talent of young Hindus. It is awarded to students who display leadership qualities and are visibly active in the GTA Hindu community.”

Typically only one scholarship of $1000 is awarded yearly but through an anonymous donor this year, a second scholarship of $500 was also awarded.

Natasha Seeram, the recipient of the $1000 scholarship, is a student from Pickering, Ontario, who plans on studying Psychology at the University of Toronto in Scarborough. Genevieve John who received the $500 scholarship, is a student from Scarborough, Ontario, who plans on pursuing a career in medical administration.  Both recipients are active members of the Devi Mandir and DM Youth and volunteer their time regularly for numerous events in the Mandir as well as outside the Mandir.

To date, DM Youth has awarded $9750 in scholarships to deserving youth at the Devi Mandir, a truly remarkable achievement by any Hindu youth organization throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This year DM Youth is celebrating 11 years of active community service and uniting Hindu Youth in the Devi Mandir.

In the keynote address for the evening, Dev Ramkallie,  last year’s scholarship recipient spoke on the importance of beliefs and the role youth have in shaping the future by their actions today. “I want to represent a generation of youth that believe in what can be and more importantly, believe in themselves and in humanity as a whole,” said Dev.

The evening was celebration of Hindu youth and after dinner was served the dance floor was opened for everyone to enjoy themselves with the last set up dancers leaving the banquet hall well after 1 am.   Hindus can certainly have fun, and in that spirit, DM Youth aims to bring together all Hindu youth through social activities and community outreach.

Congratulations to all the youth on this remarkable achievement!

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11th Anniversary Celebrations – Friday October 2nd, 2015!


Join us on Friday October 2, 2015  for the 11th Anniversary of DM Youth!

Now accepting applications for the 2015 DM Youth Scholarship!

DM Youth is now accepting applications to for the 2015 DM Youth Leaders in the Communuity Scholarship.  The DM Youth organizing committee yearly awards the “DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship” to a deserving individual within the GTA Hindu community. This scholarship will be a $1000 grant which will be given for the purposes of post secondary education.

Scholarship applications will be accepted from Southern Ontario students who are starting their first year of public post-secondary education in Canada (college or University) in September 2015

DM Youth Sports Day 2015

Sunday July 26, 2015 at 2:00 pm!
Join DM YOUTH this Saturday for their Annual Sports Day!
Location: Greenwood Park, Pickering
Admission: FREE!  FREE!  FREE!

Roast Corn, Fun Snacks and Plenty of fun in the sun!


Bowling Night with DM Youth!

On Saturday November 15, 2014 , DM Youth hosted a bowling night at Neb’s Fun World in Oshawa, Ontraio. The event was a huge success, with almost forty participants who came out in support of the youth. There was a variety of people, adults and children alike, and everyone was able to participate and take turns bowling. Everybody had a very enjoyable experience, and there were fun times to be had throughout the night.

DM Youth’s event was able to convince individuals to leave their homes on a cold evening in order to join in this occasion, and the bowling night lived up to its’ expectations. It was a great evening of amusement, and an even better way of spending time with friends, and even make some new ones as a result!

Written by Natasha Seeram

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Leaders in the Community Scholarship awarded to Dev Ramkallie at the Devi Mandir’s Diwali Mela

(Left to Right) - Chad Shew, Dev Ramkallie, Shawn Binda

(Left to Right) – Chad Shew, Dev Ramkallie, Shawn Binda

PICKERING, ONTARIO – October 20, 2014 It was a special night at the Devi Mandir for Dev Ramkallie, a youth of the Mandir who grew up attending the Baal Vikaas classes every Sunday morning. He was the recipient of the DM Youth Leaders in the Community Scholarship, a $1000 grant which is awarded to a deserving youth in the Hindu Community who has demonstrated academic excellence as well as community involvement.

Chad Shew, one of the organizing members of DM Youth who made the announcement at the Devi Mandir’s Annual Diwali Mela on October 18th, 2014 told the audience of over 300 people the achievements of Dev throughout high school.

“[He] was a member of numerous committees including: the student council, the anti-bullying committee, and the Eco-Schools committee. [He] is also a competitive baseball player at the rep. level, and was a coach for a minor league in Ajax.”

Dev is in his first year at the the University of Toronto, studying Political Science and International Relations. During his acceptance speech, Dev acknowledged the work of the founding members of DM Youth as well as the current organizers who make coming to the Devi Mandir a truly unique experience.

To date, DM Youth has awarded $8250 in scholarships to deserving youth at the Devi Mandir, a truly remarkable achievement by any Hindu youth organization throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This year DM Youth is celebrating 10 years of active community service and uniting Hindu Youth in the Devi Mandir.

“Its important that families today realize the importance of carrying on the traditions of our ancestors and maintaining the Hindu way of life in Canada,” said Shawn Binda one of the founding members of DM Youth. “DM Youth is one avenue to encourage youth to get involved within the community, meet other Hindu youth and form bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.”

DM Youth’s 10th Anniversary – A Milestone for the Hindu Youth Community

On September 20, 2014 DM Youth celebrated 10 years of uniting Hindu Youth in the Devi Mandir and the Hindu Community at large. Below is the keynote address presented by Chad Shew, one of the key organizing members of DM Youth

10 years. A lot can happen in ten years. A lot can change in ten years. Let’s all take a moment, each of us, and think about where we were ten years ago. Ten years ago I was a student in Grade 11. And ten years ago today, I had just found out about a new youth group. This youth group called themselves DM Youth, and they were based out of the Devi Mandir. Apparently the story goes that a bunch of youth realized one day, if Hindu youth could come together, there’d be no limit to what we could achieve. I must admit, they really were ambitious. Creating a new youth group from scratch is no easy task. In fact it takes tremendous dedication and an intense desire to bring people together.

Personally, I’m grateful that those youth planted that DM Youth seed.   Over the last ten years we’ve seen DM Youth take roots and grow. And as it grew, friendships were made, lessons were learned, and memories created.  Each of us here tonight has our own favourite memories of DM Youth. But for those of us who are fairly new to DM Youth, the memories are just beginning to be made. So allow me to take a few minutes to walk down us down memory lane.

The year is 2004. To put things in perspective this was some time ago, in fact: Gmail didn’t exist yet. Facebook didn’t exist yet. I know what you’re thinking, how on earth did we survive in this ancient time? Anyways, a new youth group launches on September 11 of that year (2004) with a huge gathering of Hindu youth at the Devi Mandir. The idea of creating a proud and vibrant community of Hindu youth is unveiled on that very day. Within two years, DM Youth successfully hosts a bowling night, as well as trips to the Toronto Zoo and the Canadian Museum of Hindu civilization. DM Youth then hosts a movie night showing Lagaan staring Amir Khan. In the process, DM Youth raises more than 600 lbs in food donations for the daily bread food bank. The online forum at DM begins to grow, with dozens of posts going up daily. A year later, DM Youth hosts its first successful trip to Canada’s Wonderland, a first of many. (more…)

Hindu debates! Stimulating discussion for a new generation of young Hindus

This morning at the Devi Mandir, DM Youth hosted a series of youth debates, challenging participants to think critically about issues that Hindus are facing in today’s society.  Thank you to the great support for this event.  The debate was stimulating and we hope you continue these type of activities to engage more members of our community.

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Hindu Youth Debates – March 29, 2014!



Join us on March 29, 2014 for our Hindu Debate Session! No registration required!

Some of the topics up for discussion include:

Inter-Religious Relationships – Should a child follow Hinduism, or the ‘other’ religion?
Temple Worship – Is it necessary?
Gay Marriage – Acceptable in Hinduism?
Euthanasia vs  Suicide in Hinduism
Divorce in Hinduism – YES OR NO
Evolutionary Theory vs. Hinduism’s Theory of Creation
Religious Hindus vs. Hindus that have become Atheists
Violence. Can it be justified based on Hindu views?
Does Bollywood have a positive effect on Hindus and Hinduism?
Do men and women they have different roles in Hinduism?

Plan Canada – DM Youth’s Social Outreach Initiative!

With your generous support, DM Youth is able to support and sponsor a child in India through Plan Canada.  Please visit our our new section “Plan Canada” to find out more about this exciting initiative!